What did I learn from running the 2018 Brooklyn Half Marathon?

This 2018 Brooklyn Half Marathon was easily one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Here is what I learned about myself and really what defines someone with The 1 Percent Mindset. It truly is someone who will fight through all situations no matter the circumstance. A person who makes up their mind that they are going to be of their word even in the midst of tribulation. Literally, blood, sweat and tears went into completing this half marathon and doing it under 2 hours.

The principles always remain the same, but it is the consistency that allows you to drive through and finish. I spoke about this a lot when I ran the 2017 Brooklyn Half Marathon about what was needed to compete at a high level. Nothing should ever stop you from competing at the highest level possible in all areas of life.

When wearing The 1 Percent Mindset tee or hoodie, it is a constant reminder that you must live your life like no one else so later in life, you can live life like no one else. This marathon elevated me mentally and physically by putting me in a high stress situation to compete. When was the last time you have been tested both mentally and physically and overcame it? I challenge you to create some discipline in your life. Take my FREE DISCIPLINE’s Challenge.