I took a break from making motivational videos a few years back because of a funk. I was moving and grooving after my first few videos, averaging about 1000 views on Facebook pretty regularly (no paid ads). So I have to admit I was definitely feeling myself and thought I could just come out and spit something prolific and it would resonate with my target audience. Some time around July 2017 I hit my first real funk. Nothing I said stuck with me or my audience and what I thought was a God-given ability finally caught up to me. My charisma or enthusiasm couldn’t save me or have people watch my videos.

So I adjusted significantly and decided I would start interviewing entrepreneurs that I looked up to. I interviewed the likes of Ash Cash, Krystal Elaine Scott, and Mark Clennon. I gained so much insight from these individuals and my thought process was my fans would miss me. Again, that wasn’t the case and I dropped another video shortly after How To Get Out Of A Funk that by my standards absolutely flopped.

After a lot of meditating and really figuring things out I decided it was time to take a step back. So for the entire September and some of October of 2017 I focused primarily on ‘sharpening the axe’ and not results. I dedicated this time to reading, working out, and staying disciplined in all areas of my life. I wanted to get better, I wanted to focus on getting better as a way of life not just for the moment.

There are key areas that can provide you predictable results with time.

  1. Working out
  2. Reading
  3. Journaling
  4. Drinking Water
  5. Meditating
  6. Eating Healthy

I invite you to challenge yourself to those 6 areas and to make it easier, I will give you a free accountability course that allows you to do just that.