It is never easy to get out of what some may call a “funk”. No matter what we do, we all have some sort of creative space that we deal with in any industry or profession. So, over the last few weeks I felt stuck and did not know my next direction.

I literally said to myself, how can I provide value to you when I don’t even know what to say. I couldn’t provide any value to myself let alone deliver a message that could be impactful.

So, I decided to think

After some meditation and consulting with my coach I decided to release a series I now called Mike’D Up.
It was a creative idea to interview young aspiring entrepreneurs that are up and coming. The first three episodes have featured the likes of Ash CashKrystal Elaine Scott, and Mark Clennon. These videos became extremely popular and it rejuvenated me to provide even more value to you. Creating Mike’D Up to get past my funk now turned into a popular video series that people are expecting to view week in and week out.

I learned there’s 5 ways to do every thing. If you are a writer and have writer’s block, try speaking into a recorder and voicing your thoughts. Do not let stress dictate your performance and what is possible for you. Always just create, and you never know, you may just end up on Mike’d Up.