Who is your spotter?

*transcription of video below

Come on

Come on, come on, now I want to enlighten on some things you know the other day I was working out. I was in the gym doing squats. Down one, two; I get to 20, 21 by 22. I got down and I felt like I couldn’t get up. And I had a had a spotter there with me who kind of helped me up… pushed he said, go it’s all heart from here keep going, keep pushing, keep moving forward and I want you to picture this… that in life sometimes when you think that you’re immensely can’t do what you think, you physically can’t do anymore. Sometimes you need that spotter in your life. Sometimes you need that person, who’s gonna drive you, who’s gonna motivate you, who’s gonna push you to the next level to help you up. You know a lot of times we hang around the people that will see that they’ll see you struggling and they’ll just look at you like them why you put so much weight on? Why you are going so hard? Those are the people you need to get away from. When you’re around the right people who constantly push you and elevate you and motivate you. You’ll have people who will help you up, will tell you, you know it’s all heart from here. You continue to push forward, I got your back. Those are the people that you need right because when I was down there the only thing I can think about at the time I was like not sure if I can do this and if it wasn’t for him; if it wasn’t for my spotter that was there who told me it was all heart from here. To push me, who said I have your back. I don’t think I was going be able to get up because mentally that’s not where I was and mentally we’re there sometimes in life. We have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Sometimes so we get down, sometimes we think that it’s impossible to get back up, I can’t do this anymore. This is too hard, this is too difficult. When in reality if we had someone who had our backs who could push us, who can motivate us to do these things and to help us elevate we could take on the world. I want you think about that make sure you have the right people who have you back no matter what all the time. Because anything that you put your mind to you can accomplish and you need the right people to have your back in order to get that done.